SNC would like to both mourn and celebrate the death of something that was both beautiful, and challenging. As these curtains close, others shall open and we all are looking forward to magical manifestations of music across the city.

The Drawing Room has been kindly hosting Straight No Chaser through 2016 , and their doors remain open to the public and performers alike. Get in touch with the Drawing Room for possible performances.

For any questions or confusions, please email us, contact details below. We are sorry for the broken threads that trail in the wake of this long venture, but are positive this is the beginning of new spaces and places for the music to thrive.

In this spirit, may we all continue to celebrate.

Contact details: The Drawing Room –

 For updates on their shows and live events, please see their home page @ The Drawing Room
Any other enquiries, please email Sunanda – or

The Drawing Room in Observatory, Cape Town hosts live music and creative performances.  87 Station Road Observatory (300m down the road from the Spar, just before the bridge. Secure parking across the road from the Library.) For more information, please email or Sunanda at


Past Performances

Thursday 13 October: Flying Bantu

The show goes on! (and on….) What’s that sound flying in on Thursday evening? It comes from afar, Zimbabwe and is sure to be a beautiful fusion of rock, reggae, funk and all that jazz. Please come and support the music! The Drawing Room, 87 Station Road, Observatory. Call 061 588 0886 for more info or visit their event online 

Friday 14 October: Steve Newman & Chris Tokalon

There are performers and there are performers. Some of them walk out on the stage and the sheer drama of their appearance reaches out and grabs you. Hugh Masekela is like that. Shit, Miles Davis was that.

Then there are the charmers. Cosmic, Zen cats who simply let the music speak. Steve Newman is a cosmic charmer. Onstage – in person – he exudes such a beautiful aura that you can’t help digging him. He can do a lot of things – on a simple guitar, dig it? – which, if done by lesser performers, would feel flat as a pancake. The self-taught music maestro and founding member of the revolutionary band Tananas can take you on a sonic journey from the slopes of Table Mountain to the heart of the Kalahari, the plains of South America and beyond.

His secret? When he hits those strings, every ear in the room is piqued and intrigued. But that isn’t quite “it”, is it? What makes it worthwhile to pay to listen to Steve is the atmosphere he creates. Corny? C’mon people, gather round… just how corny is it that a bona fide music legend is catching a bus from the Wilderness to play this gig? Or that he’s happy to sleep on a nightclub stage ‘cos he hasn’t got a place to crash? Why else would an acoustic guitar guru stay “on the road” for 40 years? Simple: he respects the music.

Do you still believe in a world where music still matters?

Joining Steve onstage is fellow cosmic charmer, long-time buddy and multi-instrumentalist Chris Tokalon. Expect to hear “original tunes, as well as some fun covers and standards from the Jungle Book, Satchmo, the Blues and more…”

Sets at 8.30 and 10pm. | Admission: R80 per set or R120 all night, for those who need a discount, c’mon down and speak to us | Address: 87 Station Rd, Observatory. Next to the Chinese Martial Arts Centre & Local Library. Secure parking across the road. | Call 076 679 2697 for more info or online




Thursday 29 September: Eclectic Bedfellows
The Subverse Presents: Eclectic Bedfellows at the Drawing Room. The Subverse is a sharing and solidarity network for musicians, and this event is part of a monthly series aiming to encourage this ethos; to share, connect, and make music across societal and geographic confines, while using alternate means of exchange.

Cape Town band Rare Season will perform a set of pop-rock, jazz and r&b influenced tunes, which will be followed by an “Eclectic Bedfellow Session”. The idea of these sessions is to bring various musicians from all over Cape Town together for one performance, and hopefully new friends will be made and new ideas will come to life.

For this session, three vocalists of Soundz of the South, a hip hop collective from Khayelitsha, are hooking up with Kolawole Cornelius Gbolahan (Sounds and Words, Pravda) on trumpet, and John Bartmann (Pravda) on guitar, to put on a special, new constellation of musicians and music.

Afterwards, an impromptu jam session is welcome, so bring your instruments please!

20:30 Rare Season
21:30 Eclectic Bedfellow session with Soundz of the South (vocals), Kolawole Cornelius Gbolahan (trumpet), and John Bartmann (guitar)
22:30 Impromptu Jam All Welcome!

Admission is R40 for the night. If you can’t make it on this date, there’ll be another event with the same line-up at the Moholo Live House in Khayelitsha the next day. Call SNC at 076 679 2697 for more info.

Friday September 30: Brynn & Nokota

Brynn’s Jules Terea (vocals, guitar), Frances Sholto-Dougla (vocals), Joy Millar (drums) and Rob Fowler (bass) showcase a poetic blend of folk and alternative rock inspired by the likes of Ray Lamontagne, Damien Rice, and Jeff Buckley and Bright Eyes. Formerly from Auckland, New Zealand, but now based in Cape Town, the band has gathered a loyal following through their various performances around the city, such as the Nu-Breed festival at the Cape Town City Hall, The Cape Town Fringe Festival, Alma Cafe and the Blah Blah Bar. Expect a powerful and emotionally evocative blend of folk, soul, rock and alternative jazz, that aspires to what can only be explained as “Duende”.

“El duende is the spirit of evocation. It comes from inside as a physical/emotional response to art. It is what gives you chills, makes you smile or cry as a bodily reaction to an artistic performance that is particularly expressive”

Listen to Brynn:

Nokota supplies the support. A solo project by David van Vuuren, Nokota is “designed to be an ultra-exploratory musical experience”. From the lyrics, to the chords and to his voice there isn’t supposed to be any boundaries. It’s just one man and a guitar. Expect “a very open show based on feeling”.

Admission: R60 per set or R100 all night. STUDENTS R50. Doors open at 8pm. Music starts at 9pm. Call 076 679 2697 for more info. Address: 87 Station Rd, Observatory.

Saturday 1 October: GranMah (at Marley Coffee, Lower Main Rd Observatory)

Mozambican quintet GranMah stir up an irie dub reggae fusion brew at the Mother City leg of their nationwide tour. Since their genesis in a garage back in 2009, Regina dos Santos (vocals), Migz Wilson (drums), Leo Fernandes (bass), Luis Silva (guitars) and Miguel Marques (keyboards) have recorded an LP and been featured on many Southern African TV and radio shows.

In 2012 they won a public contest to open the Mozambique Music Awards, with their first single, “Starlight Stardust”. Their second single and first official music video called “I Got To Move” was featured on all national TV channels as well as International channels including SABC, Channel O, Trace TV and Trace Toca.

Besides performing at numerous live music venues in Mozambique, GranMah’s local festival experience includes the Azgo Festival, Downwind Kitesurf Festival, Festa da Música andTofo Earth Festival in Inhambane. They have also represented Mozambique in international festivals such as the WeHeartDub, Roots Rock Reggae, in Johannesburg, Park Acoustics in Pretoria, Zakifo Festival in Durban, House on Fire in Swaziland, the Kome Caves Beer Festival in Lesotho and more. The band were voted one of the “three acts that surprised us this HIFA 2015” by 3-mob.comafter performing a magical set on the Zol Main stage in Zimbabwe.

In 2014 GranMah was nominated for 3 Mozambique Music Awards. They received the award for Best Alternative Song. They released their first album in December 2015.

Coffee from Zion – the delectable cafe in Observatory will be hosting the event in their “secret garden” out back. Entrance R30 – R50 (what you can afford). Starts at 9pm. The kitchen will be open for dinner. Bring your own booze please! Call 076 679 2697 for more info. Address: 122 Lower Main Road, Observatory (Opposite Masa Buca).


Friday, 16 September: As Is “Ghost Body”

Garth Erasmus (back)
Lliezel Ellick (throat)
Carla Salingré (hair)
Andrea Dicò (navel)
Niklas Zimmer (skin)

Full Moon – Friday, 16 September at the Drawing Room. 87 Station Road, Observatory. 9pm. R80.
Call SNC at 076 679 2697 if you need to know more. 87 Station Road, Observatory

Friday 23 September: Naledi “Ledi” Masilo
Can content still have currency in our contemporary age of brand com shizzle? Naledi “Ledi” Masilo certainly thinks so. Rather than pigeonholing herself in any one musical style she prefers to emphasise the importance of speaking a message through her music. Cool, but what does she sound like? Well, how does soul and classical fusion grab you? Or the fact that she weaves poetry into her songs?

Expect a sonic journey that speaks straight from the soul with the singer performing an original repertoire and hand-picked standards accompanied by acoustic guitar, piano,, drums, bass and backing vocals.

Friday 23 September: 8.30pm. 87 Station Road, Observatory. Near the local Library and Spar. Call SNC at 076 679 2697 for more info.


The Bamboo Pavilion Jazz Club  – Friday 2 September 2016

Douglas Armstrong (trumpet and flugelhorn), John Thorne (tenor sax), Paul Stein (piano & keyboards), Richard Weissenberg (bass) and Simon Annett (drums) swing through a cooking repertoire of standards from the Miles Davis era as well as a couple of original compositions.
The band was formed for the Afrika Burn party in 2012. The pavilion blew flat in a tornado, but the music lives on. It’s their first outing this summer, and the first flighting of its original new repertoire. Come and hear some of Cape Town’s best and rarest session-heads playing the music they play for love.

Sets at 8.30 and 10pm. | Admission: R60 per set or R100 for both. Discounts apply. | Call/WhatsApp for more info: 076 679 2697 | 87 Station Road, Observatory

Benguela – Friday 9 September 2016

Now in their 16th year of performing together improvisational trio Benguela remain as vexingly hard to label as when they started. Critics have tagged their music as “jazz”, “post-rock” and even “avant-garde”, yet none of these labels accurately capture the epic scope and subtle range of their sound. Expect to find Alex Bozas (guitar), Brydon Bolton (bass) and Ross Campbell (drums) in an experimental state of mind that will lend itself as easily to post-jazz-rock freak-ins as to epic introverted genre-free musings.

Sets at 8.30pm and 10pm. | Admission: R80 per set or R120 all night. Discounts apply. | Call/ WhatsApp 076 679 2697 | 87 Station Road, Observatory

Thursday 25 August: The Aurelio Project

Young Amsterdam based contemporary jazz band The Aurelio Project’s Lito Majaia (bass), Yordi Petit (drums), Tijn Wybenga (keys) and Vuma Levin (guitar) channel influences ranging from Aaron Parks and Gerald Clayton to Richard Bona, Pat Metheny and more at the Mother City leg of their national tour. Saxophonist is the special guest. Expect to hear the beauty of jazz fused with different Latin American, Western and African influences. Special guest Justin Bellairs will e joining them on saxophone.

The band has played at various festivals and venues in Europe and Southern Africa including The Blue Note in Amsterdam (NED), Domicil Dortmund (GER), Palace of Arts
in Budapest (HUN), The Orbit Jazz club in Johannesburg (SA) and The More Jazz Series in Maputo (MOZ).

Listen to their new album, ‘Idefix’

More information:

Sets at 8. 30 & 10pm
R60 per set, R100 all night
Students R50
Call 0766792697 for more info

Saturday 27 August: Tape Hiss & Sparkle with Joy Smith

Tape Hiss and Sparkle and Joy Smith will be joining forces again for an evening of left-field folk music at Straight No Chaser Club, hosted by The Drawing Room Café.

Starts at 8pm. R100 all night.
For ticketing booking please call 0766792697 (Straight No Chaser Club)

More information:

Saturday 20 August: Frank Paco “New Horizons”

Drummer Frank Paco leads his Ensemble of
Buddy Wells, Blake Hellaby, Peter Ndlala & Adelia Douw through their Nu-World Jazz brew, with tracks from his freshly released album “New Horizons”

Admission: R80 for one set or R100 all night
Sets at 8.30pm and 10pm

Thursday 4 August – Sounds & Words

The rhythms and harmonies of folk, Afro-Beat, pop, jazz, classical and reggae come together with the literary aesthetics of poetry and spoken word to liberate, educate and entertain the minds of listeners with sincere stories and conscious messages rich in African history and culture.

The project is a cultural and artistic amalgamation which entrenches the philosophy of “Ubuntu” by using social/cultural/musical materials and ideologies to carefully create a sound which cuts across roots and regions within and outside the continent. Expect an atmosphere which welcomes and engages people of every class and race. The audience is a big part of each performance as they are given a chance to come on stage to share their gift with a live backing band.

Starts at 9pm. Admission: R50

Friday 5 August – Tony Cedras & Friends

His multi-instrumental runs have laid down challenges for a roll call of pioneering musicians including including Hugh Masekela, Miriam Makeba, Cassandra Wilson and more.

His evolutionary Cape groove has underpinned countless genre-pushing combos from 80s world pop purveyor Paul Simon to his contemporary Conversations “supergroup” with guitarists Errol Dyers. He’s a guitarist, accordionist, pianist, percussionist, composer, arranger, and storyteller. And in music circles he’s something of a “living legend”. So how come Tony Cedras isn’t a household name? Well, his performance with Jack Momple (drums) and guests this weekend supplies the antidote to any such cultural amnesia. Expect a master class in the (he)art of jazz storytelling call-and-response conversations that sidestep generic cliché for innovative expression.

One extended set at 9pm. Admission: R80 all night. Booking essential.

Saturday 6 August – Dizu Plaatjies & Ibuyambo

Neo-traditional world music veteran Dizu Plaatjies delves into a sonic realm of new possibilities, cooking up a blend of pulsating marimba and peculiar indigenous percussive grooves with his Ibuyambo sextet. Expect a musical journey through sub-Saharan Africa with the ensemble creating a confluence of leaping vocabularies and startling formal variety that moves from re-arranging a melody from Zimbabwe for marimbas associated with Mozambique, to reimagining Congolese choral tones, the tongue clicks of the San people and rural chants from children’s games in order to celebrate the fluid and rich possibilities of sound.

Tempered by love and loss and infused with the musicality of the oral tradition and ritual, the group’s incantations create a poetic and spiritual atlas of new uncharted imaginative territories.

About the artist:  Dizu famously led internationally celebrated marimba ensemble Amampondo in performance from busking as a band of drummers on the streets of Cape Town to concert stages from Canada to Taiwan and many lands in between. The group played more than once at the prestigious Edinburgh Festival and they wowed crowds at the Mandela Birthday Concert in Wembley Stadium. Their show, Feel the Pulse of Africa ran to packed houses at Johannesburg’s Market Theatre and the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town. The live recording from this show became their first commercial album success, being released in the USA and Europe as well as at home.

Sets at 8.30pm and 10pm. Admission: R80 per set or R120 all night. Booking essential.


July 2016

Friday July 1: The Blackie Tempi Trio
Township trumpet titan Blackie Tempi and his trio of Spencer Mbadu (bass) and Steven Sokuyeka (trombone) combine big sounds, swinging township melodies, sophisticated soulful harmonic voicings and a celebratory African rhythmic drive. Tempi has been shaping South African jazz since the 70s. Known for his stylish blend of rhythmic African music and American traditions, and his brilliant big band presence, he has headed bands such as Tandanani and The Brotherhood and recorded with the likes of Winston Mankunku and Errol Dyers. Basically, the stuff of legends.

Admission: R60 per set or R100 for both. Sets at 8.30pm and 9.45pm. Booking recommended.

Saturday July 2: Nomisupasta
“Today, all music is of the world!” says Nomisupasta (aka Nomsa Mazwai) about mainlining a proudly Pan-African consciousness into her potent fusion of traditional Xhosa instruments and drum ‘n bass. The sassy Soweto born singer has the walk to back up such mischievous talk. Over the past few years she’s performed at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival, OppiKoppi, House on Fire in Swaziland, the UN General Assembly in New York, the Africa Festival in Germany, Primavera Sound in Barcelona and SXSW in Texas. She’s also collaborated with house hero Black Coffee (“Traveller”) and rising drum duo Black Motion and won a Best Adult African Alternative SAMA for her self-titled EP. Audiences can look forward to a playfully poetic solo performance.
More information:

Admission: R80. Starts at 8.30pm. Booking recommended.

Thursday July 7: I Can Hear You
Top young South African trumpeter Mandla Mlangeni teams up with contra bassist Oz Yehiely (Tel Aviv/Switzerland) and drummer Felix Wolf (Germany/Switzerland) when African-Swiss collaboration I Can Hear You stop off at the Mother City leg of their nationwide tour. Award-winning multi-instrumentalists Mark Fransman (accordion) and Dizu Plaatjies (percussion) are the special guests. Expect “an intimate journey into the songs and sounds of healing”.

Admission: R80 per set or R120 for both (students and pensioners R50 per set). Sets at 8.30pm and 10pm.

Friday July 8: Mixed Roots
Mother City trio Mixed Roots stir up a melting pot of influences ranging from blues rock, hard bop and afro Cuban to progressive rock, eastern modalities and electronics.

Largely instrumental, the band comprises of Elton Goslett (guitar and vocals), Gareth Harvey (bass and saxophones)and Nick Geffen (drums) who sidestep generic pigeonholes to produce music with high creative energy and enthusiasm.

Sets at 8.30 and 10pm. Admission R60 per set or R100 all night. Students and pensioners R50 all night.

Saturday July 9: Ben Ulric
Ben Ulric mainlines saxophone, harmonica, vocals, guitar and looping pedal to create a cooking repertoire of original songs with a funky Cape jazz meets Caribbean feel.
Listen to Ben’s album Swaai! by clicking

Admission: R60 per set or R100 all night. Sets at 8.30pm and 10pm.

Saturday July 16: Jack Stone
“Music is Life… the only universal language that speaks to all races, genders and religions without having to say a word,” says Jack Stone.

After receiving his first guitar at the tender age of 11 the self-taught singer-songwriter’s passion for music only kept growing stronger and stronger, not merely for the love of listening but more so for the love of creating. A seasoned performer he has toured and played with some of the top bands across the country at the most renowned venues SA has to offer. Jack has had great success with his music on media platforms such as Expresso, Etv Sunrise, News 24, and various radio platforms across the board including RSG, Mix FM, Ballz Radio, East Coast Radio and many more…

Being a full time musician that spends every moment of his time growing his career in any way possible, whether it be from writing music, to living life on the edge in order to gain inspiration, vision and experience, he his is one artist who pushes his own boundaries constantly.

Expect an intimate performance that is “soulful, gentle and smooth, yet bold and powerful with great character”.

One extended set only. Starts at 8.30pm. Admission is R80 or Students/pensioners R50 all night.

Thursday July 21: Steve Newman Trio featuring Hilton Schilder and Errol Dyers
Audiences can expect to be transported on a sonic journey from the slopes of Table Mountain and District 6 to the heart of the Kalahari, the plains of South America and beyond when legendary guitarists Steve Newman and Errol Dyers team up with multi-instrumental master Hilton Schilder (percussion, mouth-bow, keys) to perform their own compositions. Peter Ndlala (bass) and Carlo Fabe (drums) anchor the rhythm section.

Admission: R80 per set or R120 for both (students and pensioners get a discount). Sets at 8.30pm and 10pm.

Friday to Sunday – 22 to 24 July: Madosini
“Nowadays the traditions we lived by are dying and people are no longer telling stories and making music. I try my best to keep it all alive.” – Madosini

Any Given Sunday and Straight No Chaser Jazz Club in association with the Institute for Creative Arts and Moholo Live House hosts the legendary Madosini in a concert that offers the public an exceptional opportunity to experience musical treasures from ancient pasts. The “queen of indigenous music”, as she is also known, is a unique access to an indigenous Southern African musical tradition that is all but extinct.The iconic Xhosa composer, singer, story-teller and multi-instrumentalist shares some of her retro-futuristic compositions for uhadi (bow), umrhubhe (mouthbow) and isitolotolo (jaw harp) with Mpho Molikeng (Kudu horns, saxophone) and Nothembele ‘Vuma’ Maka (bows).

The event also features special guest cameos from multi-instrumental maverick Hilton Schilder (mouthbow, melodica), award-winning percussionist Dizu Plaatjies and Glen Ahrendse (mouthbow) in what promises to be a truly fascinating conversation at a place where bow roots and beat routes merge to create new improvisational conversations.

Audiences with open ears can expect to transcend contemporary society’s entertainment impulse to achieve a cosmological state of inner-tainment through communion with the ancestors.

About the Artist
Born Latozi Madosini Manqina in 1922 (according to her identity document) in a village called Mqhekezweni outside Umtata in the Eastern Cape, Madosini is a South African musician, known for playing traditional instruments such as the uhadi and mhrubhe musical bows, and the isitolotolo. She is regarded as ‘a national treasure’. Madosini speaks only isiXhosa and is unable to read or write. In 2008, Madosini performed at the WOMAD festival, and was the first person to be recorded and documented in the festival’s Musical Elders Archives project. In 2013 she was awarded the Arts & Culture Trust Lifetime Achievement Award for Music, with the support of the Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO), in recognition of her contribution to the country’s musical heritage.

Friday, 22 July: Moholo Live House, 42 Ncumo Road, Harare Square, Harare, Khayelitsha. 20h00. Tel: 073 940 1556

Saturday, 23 July: Institute for Creative Arts (ICA, formerly GIPCA) – 2nd floor Hiddingh Hall, UCT Hiddingh campus 31-37 Orange Street, Gardens.17h30 for 18h00. Tel: +27 21 650 7156 /

Sunday, 24 July: Straight No Chaser Jazz Club at The Drawing Room, 87 Station Road, Observatory. Sets at 18h30 and 20h00. Booking recommended. Tel: 076 679 2697

About Any Given Sunday

Any Given Sunday, curated by Riason Naidoo, Jay Pather and Richard Pithouse, is the Cape Town leg of Draft, a yearlong project anchored in nine interdisciplinary collaboratives—Beijing, Cairo, Cape Town, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Mexico City, Mumbai, St. Petersburg and Zurich—which collectively consider contemporary art that produces, provokes and contributes to critical public debates.

Participating artists in Any Given Sunday are Burning Museum, Hasan and Husain Essop, Gabrielle Goliath, Gerald Machona, Sethembile Msezane, Zanele Muholi, Koleka Putuma and Buhlebezwe Siwani. The Madosini concerts conclude the series of multidisciplinary artistic events comprising the Cape Town based public art project. For more information visit their Facebook page here

Photo: Madosini with her Uhadi bow: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


Friday July 22: Blvck Crystals
Rising young Durban-based combo Blvck Crystals showcase their evolutionary blend of live jazz and hip-hop. Formed by jazz students or ex-jazz students at UKZN on piano, guitar, drums, bass and saxophone the band’s largely original repertoire is boosted by two rappers from Cape Town and two vocalists from Durban.

One extended set only. Starts at 8.30pm. Admission is R80 and R50 (students).

Saturday July 23: Titi Luzipo
Dynamic young singer Titi Luzipo performs a powerful repertoire of African Jazz originals and standards at her show ‪#‎SongsMyMotherTaughtMe‬. A tribute to the massive musical influence her mother, well-known Eastern Cape songstress Vuyelwa Qwesha has had on her life, the show’s “aim is to connect our souls with our inner melodies. Melodies that you would hear growing up but [might] never had meaning at the time.”

Qwesha is best-known as the lead singer of one of the greatest jazz bands of the time – The Soul Jazzmen which featured legends such as Zim Ngqawana, Winston Mankunku Ngozi, Feya Faku, Tete Mbambisa and many others.

“When she realised that I was starting to take after her musically she taught me all the songs she used to sing in her days,” says Titi. “This was the beginning great things for me – I couldn’t understand the melody at the time but it spoke to the sentiments of my heart.

“Her songbook has become a living legacy. With stories behind every song – every lyric has a great meaning. The aim of Songs My Mother Taught Me is to bring alive those songs which could not be sung and relive the moments shared by those before us and celebrate them as heritage.The celebration of her songs also serves as a reminder that we have now been emancipated and can live knowing that it is our music that will be a universal language to all nations. It highlights the greatness of our wealth in our past.”

After studying for a BMus in Jazz Performance at the University of Cape Town and a course in Performing Arts at the University of the Western Cape, by the tender age of 23 Titi has shared the stage and worked with local and international music stars including Feya Faku, McCoy Mrubata, Gloria Bosman, Judith Sephuma, Zonke, Caiphus Semenya, Loyiso Bala, Paul Hamner and George Benson. She has also performed in front of President Jacob Zuma, former President Kgalema Mothlante and other notable government leaders countrywide.

Admission: R80 per set or R120 for both. Sets at 8.30pm and 10pm.

Friday July 29: Brydon Bolton Trio
A cursory glance through his CV and you might say bassist and composer Brydon Bolton is something of an enigma. While he’s best known as the brooding bassist for electro acoustic improvisational pioneers Benguela, he’s also performed with Balkan party jammers the Kolo Novo Movie Band, classical composers collective EJNCP and country dubbers The Suitcase Hearts and more. Over the past two decades he’s recorded with the likes of classical guitarist Derek Gripper, jazz saxophonist Robbie Jansen, goema trumpeter Alex van Heerden and collaborated with poets, playwrights, dancers and artists.The method in the madness of his genre-free approach to making music? Simple. Like the best improvisers Brydon is focused on “developing music and sound forms that challenge idiomatic or conventional expressions”. Nowhere more so than in his own trio with vibraphonist Frank Mallows and drummer Simon Annett where the ensemble explore the interactions between composition and improvisation. Expect intense and imaginative, spontaneous freestyle chamber music scapes, layered with shapeshifting jazz improvisation and virtuosic technique.
More information:

Admission: R80 per set or R120 for both. Sets at 8.30pm and 10pm.